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Lily Weng is an interdisciplinary artist based in China and London. She produces work in a variety of media including sculpture, performance, and photography. In Weng’s work, she explores the interaction between the urban environment and human behavior. The undergraduate study provided her with a clear perception of the relationship between objects and space. She prefers to see her culture as a sort of assemblage in a fluid community and regard herself as an object in this space, a space of time, consciousness, and experience which she calls abstract space. In this space, she investigates how her body positions and interacts with this atmosphere. Her sculpture began with her observation and transformation of her consuming habit in different places. She thought her body and herself is two different separate individuals, body is a substitute for her mind. Her practice creates the conversation between the realistic and fictional world and her works simultaneously present a negative and positive environment. She has an ongoing photographic series-Meet, which investigates the creativity and coincidence of objects in her daily life. Recently she has been thinking about the way photography exists today through the lens of a story reboot. In the new work Happening, each individual event is artificially reconstructed to happen again. The evidence, which fades away in the real world and exists only in data space, is re-identified in time and place by electronic devices, presenting a fictional cause and effect, while the viewer participates in the event as a witness and the scene is reactivated, only to dissipate again as the witness leaves the scene.


2021 MA Fine Art, UAL Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK


2020 Graduate Diploma, Royal College of Art, London, UK


2018 BA Environmental Design, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China


2021 - Perception 知否, Koppel 540, London, UK

2021 - The Condensation of A Cloud, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK

2021 - Rally-MA Show, Triangle space, London, UK

2021 - You Turn Oranges Into Orange Juice, Koppel Project Hive, London, UK

2021 - Before the Applause, Dress Rehearsal show, Online

2021 - Heterotopia, MAFA International Festival, Online


2020 - Healing Landscapes, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK


2018 - Graduation Exhibition, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China

2016 - Model Design Festival, South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China

Collaborative Projects

2020 - MISSING, Off-Site Show, London, UK


2020 - Evolve, Artist Publication, London, UK


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